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Halloween-Inspired Name Holders

Halloween-Inspired Name Holders

Halloween-inspired name holders for your Halloween dinner parties

Get festive with these Halloween-inspired name tags!

Your Halloween-inspired table is all set with eerie crows and delightful pumpkins. However, your decorative place settings pale in comparison. Some revamping of the typical name tags will continue your whimsical Halloween theme and also make great party favors for the guests.

Here are a few tips and ideas:

A Jolly Pumpkin

There are multiple ways to use a pumpkin as a place setting.

  • Paint your guest’s name onto the pumpkin.
  • Use ribbon to secure a name tag to the pumpkin’s stem.
  • Making a paper leaf to attach to the pumpkin as a name tag.
  • Engrave the name of a guest or their first initial into the face of the pumpkin.

Vampires, Bats, and Gravestones, Oh My!

  • Use a pair of fake vampire fangs or any pair of fake teeth to hold a name tag. Have the teeth be closing down on the name for the desired effect.
  • Make paper bats and write your guests’ names on them in white ink .
  • Purchase or make your own gravestones for each of your guest. Write R.I.P. and then your guest’s name for a disturbing effect.

A Witch’s Broom

  • Use a small twig (about 6 inches long), some straw, and a brown paper bag. Use the twig and straw to assemble the broom and then use a small sliver of the brown bag to write the name of your guest. To glamorize you witches broom, use ribbon for the name tag.


Halloween is all about candy, so why not use it to label your table?

  • You can get candy bars personalized with each of your guests’ names.
  • Fill small buckets full of candy like candy corn and place a toy shovel in it with the name of a guest attached.
  • Make candy cones with name tags attached to the ribbons.

These festive place settings adorn your dinner table in ghoulish style. In addition to place settings at a dinner table, these ideas can be used to label food dishes in a buffet line.

How to Host a Creepy Yet Classy Halloween Party

Sure, Halloween is prime time for all things spooky and scary, but it’s also become a time for lots of tackiness. It doesn’t have to be that way! We’re here to help you host a creepy yet classy Halloween party.

Tools of the Trade Party-Perfect Pieces Straight from a Witch's Kitchen We’re not total snob-goblins—we love dressing up, carving pumpkins, playing scary games, and eating candy. And we’re not opposed to having fun with our food (or drinks, for that matter), but we don’t always want something cutesy, and too much store-bought spookiness can quickly accumulate into something cheesy. We want to have a good time, but we also want to remember that we’re grown-ups, and we want to be a little genuinely uneasy. That’s what Halloween’s all about, right? Finding the fun in the phantasmagoric.

If crawling plastic zombies and sexy food costumes are your jam, of course, that’s totally cool, but if you’re pining for something a little more refined, you’re in luck. Here are some tips for throwing a Halloween party that’s both creepy and classy.

32 Chic Halloween Table Decorations That'll Make You Want To Host A Dinner Party

If you're throwing a Halloween party, you might be focusing on festive cocktails and scary good treats, but don't forget to show some love to your table. Because you know what's even better than a regular old Halloween party? A sophisticated, grownup Halloween dinner party (casual buffets are great, too, of course). We've got plenty of ideas to get you inspired, and most of these you can DIY on the cheap (and on the fly!). From unconventional color combos and witchy plating to spooky surprises, these elevated but-on theme Halloween table decorations and centerpieces are sure to make it an unforgettable evening.

Drippy candles, unidentifiable foods, brooding florals, and a few Halloween motifs sprinkled in. This table decor is ticking all the boxes and then some. And we love the offbeat color scheme. Everyone know green and purple are witchy and zombie-chic, yet orange seems to get all the love. Here's a little reminder that it's a good idea to switch things up.

BUY NOW Color Drip Candles, $13

Keep things sophisticated with unexpected colors that don't scream Halloween but still feature that fall aesthetic. A rich, blue tablecloth helps neutral plates pop. Add fresh flowers for even more color and stick to an earthy palette with your plating and napkins to even it out.

BUY NOW Celina Mancurti Warm Tone Linen Napkins, $70

Mini cauldrons! It doesn't get any cuter than that. Whether you choose to serve drinks, soup, or dessert in them, mini cauldrons are the perfect Halloween table decoration that also serve a purpose. Pro tip: Bring your tea light votives to the next level by wrapping them in black lace as a contemporary take on witchy black flame candles.

BUY NOW Mini Cauldrons, $9

Keep things classic and sophisticated with harvest motif plating, metallic accents, orange paisley-print tablecloth and gingham napkins for some pattern mixings, and, of course, an elaborate fall-hued floral centerpiece. In this one styled by Robert Rufino, the feathers enhance its dramatic beauty even further.

BUY NOW Pottery Barn Autumn Leaves Plates, $19

Keep things subtly spooky by placing a a skeleton hand on your charcuterie spread. Style it like this one from Sugar & Charm.

BUY NOW Design Toscano Skeleton Hand Bottle Opener, $18

Not into orange and black? Forget them! If you want it to feel more elegant, go for white instead of orange pumpkins. And try an unconventional pop of color, like light pink. See more of this pretty tablescape at Sugar and Charm.

BUY NOW White Faux Pumpkins, $20

If you're hosting a scary movie night, get inspired by the on-screen horror with your Halloween decor. If you don't want something as obvious as a skull, something smoky and moody will do.

BUY NOW CB2 Henry Hand-Painted Tequila Decanter, $80

A black-and-white striped tablecloth adds a contemporary playfulness to an outdoor Halloween dinner party. Then, glue little ants to your napkin rings to be freaky but not too freaky.

BUY NOW Saro Lifestyle Spider Napkin Rings, $35

Don't forget to extend the fall and Halloween-themed decor to the rest of the dining room! In this space by Emily Henderson, the cabinet gets the autumn treatment with pumpkin-shaped jars, red nesting bowls, and a rooster motif pitcher. The dried floral wreath above it doesn't hurt either.

BUY NOW Nova Deruta Rooster Pitcher, $50

Welcome to the big kid's table. This is where we'll be when the trick-or-treaters come knocking. Keep your table rustic and pared down, then add in pops of color with purple placemats and orange napkins. And let the food double as decor (figs are always a good call).

BUY NOW Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Harvest Napkins, $4

Have you ever seen a more epic Halloween table? From the broomstick and black cat chandelier to the black fringed tablecloth, gourds, and black candlesticks, this dining room is fully decked out. The romantic pink and red centerpieces make for a nice contrast that softens and elevates the themed decor.

BUY NOW Natural Witch's Broom, $65

Frame a doorway leading to your dining room with flying paper bats for a super simple but fun Halloween vibe that lives beyond the table. Then create a seasonal centerpiece surrounded by mini pumpkins. "The best thing about a Halloween arrangement is it can be sparse, dried, and organic as it adds to a haunted house feel," says Sugar and Charm.

BUY NOW Black Construction Paper, $13

An affordable and easy way to put a Halloween spin on your favorite floral centerpiece? Just add black feathers to the bouquets, as Sugar and Charm did here.

BUY NOW Black Feathers,$9

You may not have a giant candelabra on hand, but you probably have some summer lanterns. Refresh them for Halloween by filling them up with candy and placing them on top of faux spiderwebs. See more at Sugar and Charm.

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Who says Halloween is all about doom and gloom? Okay, like, all of history and pop culture, but that doesn't have to be the theme! If you live somewhere that's still warm or temperate in October, set up your dinner outside (bonus point if you can get access to or mimic a corn field or apple orchard), use unexpected pastel candles, and then create a fall centerpiece, as done here by Cheetah Is the New Black.

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Make things easier on yourself by orienting your decor around a singular color. In this Halloween spread from Sugar & Charm, all the candy, napkins, and accessories are cobalt blue.

BUY NOW Faux Flying Crow, $11

You don't have to go creepy on October 31st&mdashinstead, try a more sophisticated Halloween tablescape. A muted red tablecloth grounds this table while the wooden serveware sticks to the rustic, easy-going atmosphere. Keep it simple with a few pomegranates lining the center of the table.

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Don't forget to spruce up the bar cart while you're at it! Learn how to make this gorgeous garland (it also works for the fireplace or as a centerpiece) from Sugar and Cloth.

BUY NOW Halloween Wreath, $38

Opt for pinks, peaches, and burgundies in your centerpiece rather than the classic warm orange-y fall palette. Then paint your pumpkins white! (Faux pumpkins work, too.)

BUY NOW Small Artificial Pumpkin, $12

Tell, Love, & Party hung this tassel branch "chandelier" over her Halloween dinner table to extend the fun overhead. Paired with string lights and plenty of glimmering candles, it's a magical display indeed.

BUY NOW Orange Tassels, $9

Throwing a sophisticated grownup Halloween soiree? Decorate the table with a centerpiece like this by Cheetah Is the New Black. It's much more moody and romantic than your average Halloween decor. And then maybe throw in some festive coasters for good measure.

BUY NOW Thomas Fuchs Skull Wine Coaster, $60

Instead of using a runner or tablecloth, cover a dessert/buffet table in faux cobwebs. It's such an easy way top give your spread an instant Halloween aesthetic.

BUY NOW Halloween Spider Webs, $6

This Halloween table decorated by Emily Henderson strikes the perfect balance between spirited and stylish. The harvest wreath on the wall is a great seasonal backdrop while the metallic painted pumpkins bring the autumnal vibes to the table and the moody black accents are a nod to All Hallow's Eve.

BUY NOW Silver Mosaic Pumpkin, $27

Let the dessert do the talking. These cakes double as Halloween decor while the skeleton serveware is actually chic enough to live beyond the grave of October 31st.

BUY NOW Thomas Fuchs Skull Ice Tongs, $40

If you love the idea of serving your Halloween cocktails in a cauldron but want something a little less kitschy, take notes from this drink station by Sugar and Charm. A glass punch bowl is light, airy, and little dressier. But that nearby crow reminds us it's Halloween.

BUY NOW Libbey Glass Selene 10-Piece Punch Bowl Set, $30

A burnt orange linen runner and classic fall tableware keeps things casual and down to the earth and unpretentious. Name cards are also a good idea, preferably if they feature some Halloween-inspired design.

BUY NOW Skull Place Cards, $10

Halloween doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. For something a little less grim, take note of the cheerful spread above. Decorate plating and serveware with wiggly eyes for a fun Halloween pop.

BUY NOW Wiggle Eye Crafts, $7

Grab a couple of black candelabras, some black roses, and throw in a few skulls and spiders and you've got a kind of creepy but also a little glam Halloween centerpiece. See more at Hostess With The Mostess.

BUY NOW Hester & Cook Skull Paper Placemats, $29

When in doubt, dress your table up with a festive bouquet and some mini pumpkins. Done and done. See more at Sugar and Charm.

BUY NOW West Elm Recycled Metal Vase, $70

Paired with an inky black serving board, stemware, napkins, this arrangement by Cheetah Is the New Black sets the scene for an elegant, grown-up Halloween dinner party.

BUY NOW Ravenscroft Black Tasting Glasses, $43

Decorate your table with skulls, spiderwebs, then fill jars with candy. Is it weird that we think this looks insanely chic? Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

BUY NOW Poseable Halloween Skeleton, $12

We will brave the spiders when there's cheese involved. See more at Hostess With The Mostess.

40+ Seriously Cute (and Creepy) Halloween Cupcake Ideas

These cupcakes are the easiest way to add sugar, spice and spookiness to your dessert table.

The entire month of October &mdash the 31st, especially &mdash is basically an open invitation to eat Halloween desserts and Halloween candy all day, every day. When it comes time to host a Halloween party, festive and fun Halloween cupcakes should always be on the menu. You're in luck: Any one of these adorable Halloween cupcake ideas will easily add some fright (and sugar!) to your holiday festivities. Whether you opt for box mix, totally homemade, or a combination of the two, try these easy decorating ideas to transform chocolate, vanilla, and spiced cupcakes into a spooktacular treat fit for the most eerie occasion of the year. Bust out the candy eyeballs, plastic spiders, and colored frosting to bring these ghost, witch, zombie, and monster cupcakes back to life (from the dead, of course). Plus, since your kids get a sugar high from trick-or-treating, it's only fair that these Halloween cupcake recipes will help you get your sweet fix. Don&rsquot fret &mdash your kids will love 'em, too.

Looking for more desserts to serve at your party? Add additional eeriness to your dessert table with delicious Halloween cookies and Halloween cake recipes. Then wash it all down with one of these crowd-pleasing Halloween cocktails or kid-friendly mocktails.



  • small tumbler glasses with straight sides – I used these ones* from Target. Using glasses with straight sides makes it easy to put the ribbon on without puckering. * – I used silver but you could use whatever color you want * (optional) – only required if you want tall candle holders
  • E6000 glue


  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • disposable latex gloves (optional) – keeps the glue off your fingers

Spooky Halloween Punch Recipes

Every Halloween party needs a spooky Halloween punch! Serve your guests a themed punch to quench their thirst whether you are planning a full food menu or not. A Halloween punch is the perfect addition to any costume party, cocktail party, kids party or dinner party. Just make sure you serve at least one cocktail punch and one mock-tail punch to appeal to everyone&rsquos tastes. Here are some easy Halloween punch ideas for adults and kids to try at your monster bash.

Halloween Punch for Adults:

  • 4 cups clear rum
  • 4 cups orange juice,
  • 6 cups pomegranate juice
  • 1/2 cup fresh-squeezed lime or lemon juice
  • 1 liter seltzer (pomegranate seltzer works best)

Combine the orange, pomegranate and lime or lemon juices in your favorite punch bowl and refrigerate until just before serving. Add the seltzer immediately prior to serving and, as a creepy finishing touch, toss in a few gummy vampire fangs to frighten and delight your Halloween guests.

  • 1 bottle vodka or vanilla vodka
  • 7 cups fresh orange juice (with pulp)
  • 1.5 liters Dr. Pepper soda (or generic equivalent)
  • Ice

In a large clear punchbowl (so your guests can see the dirty &ldquosewer&rdquo punch) combine the vodka, orange juice, Dr. Pepper, and ice. Mix together well. Add in additional creepy sewer things like gummy bugs to complete your Halloween punch.

  • 2 1/2 cups apple vodka
  • 1 1/4 cup apple schnapps
  • 6 cups lemon-lime soda
  • Frozen red apples
  • 4 red apples (sliced)

In a large punchbowl, combine the vodka, schnapps and soda. Float frozen apples in the punch and have a bowl of fresh sliced apples on the side for garnish. For a spookier punch, add Halloween edible candy to punch such as gummy worms, fake bugs or candy vampire fangs.

Halloween Punch Drinks for Kids:

  • 1 (2 liter) bottle orange-flavored soda, chilled
  • 24 oz. fruit punch, chilled
  • 1/4 gallon vanilla ice cream

In a large Halloween punch bowl, stir together the fruit punch and the soda. Next, scoop out the ice cream and place all over the top of the punch. Stir gently for a moment to get the right look. Garnish this Halloween party punch with creepy crawlies.

  • 1 pumpkin
  • 1/2 gallon orange sherbet
  • 1 gallon orange juice
  • 1 liter ginger ale

Hollow out a medium to larger sized pumpkin. Mix the orange juice and ginger ale and pour into the pumpkin. About 15 minutes before serving, add in scoops of sherbert. Top with orange slices and fake spiders.

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Recipe Cards Template

Train your back of house staff with this recipe cards template, a customizable Excel sheet that outlines recipe requirements for chefs.

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Why should you use restaurant recipe cards for training?

Recipe cards serve as reference guides showing exactly how to make a dish, so it tastes great and remains consistent for guests.

Recipe cards benefit restaurants by:

Reducing training time for new BOH staff

Improving employee performance and job satisfaction

Improving communication and outcomes with customers with allergies

Saving money on ingredients

Strengthening relationships between kitchen and serving staff

There&rsquos no guesswork needed if a dish is detailed on a recipe card for the entire kitchen to access. New guy forgets what garnish goes on the gumbo? No big deal &mdash recipe card to the rescue.

Stephen Hightower, managing partner of City Hospitality Group, uses recipe cards at all five of his restaurants. He says, &ldquoThe end result of using recipe cards is that we do everything the same way every time. The recipe is costed out properly, we eliminate waste, and the business makes more money.&rdquo

The median lifespan of restaurants is under five years. According to Robert Irvine of "Restaurant: Impossible," inexperience and bad management are the top two reasons restaurants fail.

Your restaurant can beat the statistics by improving BOH training. Recipe cards are perfect for the initial training of new hires and for keeping established employees on top of their game.


The Giant List of 101 Culinary Terms Every Chef Knows

How to Make Your Menu a Money-Maker Using Restaurant Menu Design

How to Make a Restaurant Menu From Scratch in 10 Steps

How do you make your own restaurant recipe card templates?

Step 1: Gather the following info for each dish on the menu:

Name of dish &mdash Yes, this one is obvious, but the best place to start is at the beginning.

Name of chef who created it &mdash If any questions pop up, your staff will know the best person to ask.

Prep time &mdash When BOH knows how long a dish will take, they can find the best way to fit that prep into their day.

Menu information &mdash Adding the menu description, which menu the dish is on (lunch or dinner), and what category it falls under (starter, main, side) helps chefs know exactly what guests are expecting when they order this dish.

Serving size details &mdash Include the recipe yield, the serving size, and the number of servings to curb food waste and inconsistent portion sizes.

Ingredients &mdash Always include the quantity and measurement for each ingredient listed, and stay consistent with the measurements you use.

Procedure &mdash Directions on how to make the dish are critical. See Step 2 for more information about making this section easy to understand.

Plating notes &mdash Recipe cards help employees execute a chef&rsquos vision, and that extends to how the dish looks on the plate.

Allergen information &mdash This category is easy to forget since it doesn&rsquot directly relate to making the dish, but it&rsquos critical that BOH references allergen information so they always send out a dish that&rsquos safe for guests with allergies.

Storage notes/shelf life &mdash Including this information ensures guests will always receive quality food.

Last revised date &mdash Changes happen quickly in restaurants. With this date, employees know if they&rsquore looking at the most current information.

Photo &mdash Adding a photo of the plated dish is a great option to ensure the plating is just as consistent as the taste.

Step 2: Decide how detailed your recipe card procedures need to be.

This will depend on the experience level of your kitchen staff. Experienced cooks and classically trained chefs are familiar with industry terms, so you can write your recipe cards in &ldquochef speak.&rdquo These cards have shorter instructions and are quicker and easier for a trained chef to reference. If your kitchen staff is on the green side, you may need to be more detailed in your directions.

Here&rsquos what that might look like:

Experienced: Cook custard in Bain Marie at 200° for 1 hr. Chiffonade basil.

Inexperienced: Place ramekins of custard in a pan of hot water 1-2 inches deep. Bake at 200°F for 1 hour. Stack leaves of basil, roll tightly lengthwise, and slice into thin ribbons.

Or, you can give your inexperienced cooks the &ldquochef speak&rdquo recipe cards along with our Giant List of 101 Culinary Terms All Chefs Should Know. This option works well for kitchens that have a mix of experienced and inexperienced staff.

Step 3: Get an employee to test the recipe cards.

When testing the cards, try to find a tester that doesn&rsquot have experience with that particular recipe. Having someone go in without prior knowledge means they&rsquore relying completely on the card. If the dish doesn&rsquot come out right, you&rsquoll know something is likely missing or not worded clearly.

Testing the recipe cards is an important step. We know, you needed them like yesterday, and it takes time to test them all. Be comforted by the fact that when you hand over the tested cards, they will be correct. Correct recipe cards are the only good recipe cards.

Best Practices for Training BOH Restaurant Staff

When training servers, kitchen staff, and other back of house restaurant employees, empower them with knowledge. When a staff member has to defer to others for expertise, it can create a worse experience for both the staff member and the customer. When all of your staff have access to information, your staff is empowered to be independent and serve for the diner.

Document all training materials.

Create materials relevant to newbies to the restaurant industry as well as veterans.

Empower individuals to seek out information on their own.

Use recipe cards as a standardized tool for back of house staff to work with chefs and cooks.

How to Incorporate Restaurant Recipe Cards into Your BOH Training

Emily Dyer-Schiefer, owner of the hospitality consultancy The Kitchen Think, opens four to five restaurants each year. Every single one uses recipe cards to train BOH. Her implementation looks like this: &ldquoThe cards are printed and either framed or laminated and hung in the kitchen. New hires receive a training pack with the cards in them. They&rsquore also trained on each dish and will need to recreate each dish in their section without guidance, using only the recipe cards, before they are left alone on that section.&rdquo

Make recipe cards accessible.

Print and laminate recipe cards and store in a binder.

Use plain language or provide a glossary for culinary terms.

Training Manual Template

Use this restaurant training manual template, a customizable Word Doc, to provide your staff with the rules, guidelines, and clarity they need to do their jobs efficiently.

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Let BOH know that the recipe cards you&rsquove created are for everyone, new or not. The cards are there to ensure recipes stay consistent from day to day and cook to cook. Stephen says, &ldquoEvery one of my cooks uses the recipe cards. It&rsquos not an easy thing to keep a dish consistent, and my cooks take a lot of pride in the challenge of making a dish right every single time.&rdquo

Make your recipe cards easily accessible. The easier it is for BOH staff to access them, the more likely they are to use them. Print and laminate your cards or put them in page protectors in a binder to save them from greasy fingerprints and other kitchen hazards.

Free Recipe Card Design Tools for Restaurateurs

Canva is a free web-based design service that caters to those of us who excel in areas other than graphic design. Its drag-and-drop feature and library of graphics mean you can easily put together recipe card templates that are functional and, as a bonus, look great. You can also create your templates in Microsoft Word or Excel.

If the thought of designing your own templates has you in a panic, take some deep breaths &mdash we got you. Our free downloadable recipe card template has everything you need. Use it to create recipe cards that will enhance your BOH training and stabilize your profits by cutting down on waste and incorrect portioning. Grab the template below.

Recipe Cards Template

Train your back of house staff with this recipe cards template, a customizable Excel sheet that outlines recipe requirements for chefs.

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How-to Guide

65 Easy Halloween Crafts You Can DIY to Haunt Your Home This Season

Sure, you need an easy DIY Halloween costume to great trick-or-treaters on Halloween&mdashbut your house can benefit from a little bling, too! These easy Halloween crafts, for adults and kids, will help you deck out your front door, porch, living room, and front steps just in time for the spookiest night of the year. In preparation for your Halloween party, we'll show you how to get in the spirit (Halloween pun fully intended) and how to make wickedly wonderful homemade decor ideas like decorative pillows, skull-shaped planters, Harry Potter-inspired crafts, and a spectral mirror that looks straight out of Snow White.

There's no need to go overboard with the fear factor though. Feel free to choose a "scare level" that feels right for you! If you've got kids, you'll be glad to know that we've got tons of tamer ideas for the younger trick-or-treating crowd. Pretty painted pumpkins, for instance, will keep everyone happy, while a black cat garland, simply make with paper, is a stunning Halloween mantel idea.

For the not-so-faint-of-heart though, it's time to get spooky! Turn framed family photos into ghostly displays by swapping everyone&rsquos eyes for creepy lights, or turn your door into a pair of "morgue doors." And don&rsquot forget about your porch: Extend the eerie ambience with outdoor Halloween decorations , easy DIY Halloween wreaths, paper lanterns, a swarm of felt bats, and spiderweb doormats. There&rsquos truly a project here for every room in the house&mdashwe've even got bug-infused bars of soap for the bathroom! Here's to creating a haunted home worthy of your local Halloween festival.

Spooky Vintage Halloween

I love Halloween! It is one of my very favorite times of the year- our fun traditions, decorating the house, putting up our Halloween tree, matching halloween pajamas, the hubby's homemade chili, the costumes, trick-or-treating, and so much more. It makes me so happy- all of it.

To kick off this magical month of October, I am sharing my home decorated for Halloween and highlighting 25 other homes spooked out for the season!

Halloween Tree

A Halloween tree is a pretty non traditional decoration, but we have been putting ours up for 8 or 9 years now. It is something we all look forward to each fall. This year we went with more of a vintage witch theme, reusing things from past years and including some fun new things as well. I am still trying to locate the rest of my ribbon so there are still a couple of spots I want to fill in, but this will do for now.

If you would like more information or to recreate my tree, I can put together a post with more details and sources. I basically use the same steps from my two posts (you can see the videos in these posts)- How to add ribbon to a Christmas tree, and How to Decorate a Christmas tree.

I think these rusty bells are my favorite thing I added to the tree this year. They are actually Christmas ornaments, but we will be using them for both Halloween and Christmas. They have star cut outs so they felt very hocus pocus to me, but I think they will also be cute in my vintage toy Christmas tree up in the playroom.

I wired rustic brooms to the tree. I like the rustic texture they add.

Cozy Halloween Family Room

I kept out most of my other fall decorations including the amber glass bottles and the cozy cream cable knit, burnt orange and gold toned pillows. I pulled my big chunky wool knit throw down here from the bonus room and I love the added texture.

My sweet girl is excited to be a witch for Halloween this year. She has been practicing in her costume and even made up a song about a little witchy girl.

Halloween Dining Room

Over in our dining area, I pulled out my wood slice candle holders that my hubby made me from a tree that fell in our yard a few years ago. I pulled out my branches with rusty pumpkin bells on them and put them in these fun apothecary jars I found last year. I used simple matte black wrapping paper from the Michael's dollar bins for the table runner. The striped towel draped over the black paper runner will be available in our online shop when we open in the next couple weeks.

I think candlelight and twinkle lights make Halloween so spooky and magical.

Halloween recipes

The only trick to these treats is how easy they are to make.

Celebrate the season with these mouth-watering dishes.

Cheers to these fall drinks!

There's no trick to making these Halloween food ideas, including ghoulish-ly good cupcakes, cookies, treats, and candies.

Cheers to these wickedly good shots.

These bites are devilishly delicious.

Your family will go batty for these scary-good recipes.

Make sure you've got enough to go around—nobody will want to share these treats!

Elevate your standard pumpkin pie with a cheesecake twist.

Put your freshly picked apples to good use this fall.

The only thing better than fall mornings are fall mornings with pumpkin.

Try an eerie twist on the traditional candy apple for a delicious Halloween treat.

It's time to put all those fun size candy bars to good use.

The Oreo technique for the ears is utterly adorable.

One secret ingredient gives these snacks and drinks their awesomely eerie glow—and yes, it's totally edible.

15+ Affordable Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Game of Thrones Party

Game of Thrones is one of the greatest shows on TV, and its spooky themes fit perfectly during the Halloween season. Once you brush up on our 50 money-saving tips for Halloween, why not throw a DIY Game of Thrones-themed party?

1. Make your own Game of Thrones party invitations.

All you need is to download this template, print it, burn the paper’s edge for a vintage effect and then seal it with some wax. Soooo cheap and easy!

2. Creepify your door with this goth-inspired wreath.

You can’t actually send a raven to invite your friends to the party, but at least one can greet them at your door. Get the directions from here.

3. Create paper dragons for your DIY projects.

These tiny dragons can’t miss on your Game of Thrones themed party! Hang them around your house or add them into a jar.

BONUS: For a more 3D effect learn how to make origami dragons.

4. Make your own dragon egg box.

A dragon box is super expensive if you buy it from the store. Use this step-by-step tutorial to make one without breaking the bank.

Still over your budget? A cheaper alternative is to replace the box with a basket.

5. Learn how to make an epic Iron Throne.

Everyone at your party gets to be King or Queen of the Seven Kingdoms for a day with the DIY Iron Throne. Get the directions here.

6. Give your home a medieval touch with these Game of Thrones flags.

These flags represent all of the families of the Seven Kingdoms, and it’s cheap and easy to make.

7. Light up your party with these spooktacular candle holders!

Light up the night with these medieval-style candle holders. Your guests will feel like they are staying in a castle. Learn how to make them here.

8. Prepare the perfect deviled dragon eggs.

What better Game of Thrones themed snack than “dragon” eggs? You can get the recipe and instructions on how to make them here .

9. Terrify your guests with these morbid delicious Ned Stark cake pops.

If your friends have a dark sense of humor, these Ned Stark cake pops are grotesque but so yummy. Get the directions on how to make them here.

10. Celebrate Halloween by drinking White Walker shots.

These vanilla milkshake vodka shots are cold, creamy, and totally delicious. They’ll really get the party started. Get the recipe here.

11. Use this super easy technique to make dragon scales on your cake.

You will seriously impress your friends if you serve them this dragon scale cake. They may even bend the knee. Get the recipe here.

12. Make your own Game of Thrones toppers.

Simply brilliant way to decorate your cupcakes. With some cheap supplies, you can make some stunning toppers! Get the full tutorial from here.

13. Use cauliflower to make some tasty Weirwood trees steaks.

For those of you who are fans of the books, you’ll know the significance of the Weirwood trees, and they’re easy to make with cauliflower. Get the recipe here.

14. Take out your Game of Thrones anger on this King Joffrey!

Who doesn’t hate King Joffrey? If you can set up archery in your backyard, it is a seriously entertaining activity. Get the poster from here.

15. Pin these posters in your garden to bring some Winterfell feeling.

Arya may have become a lone wolf, but these posters are creative and fun homage to House Stark. Get the poster from here.

16. Entertain your kids with fire-breathing dragons made out of toilet paper rolls.

Maybe your kids have never seen Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the fun. Get the tutorial for these party favors here.

If you are looking for more tips on hosting your own themed party on a budget, be sure to check out our guide for more DIY party ideas.

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