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$688 Soup: Vegas’ Swanky Caterpillar Fungus Soup

$688 Soup: Vegas’ Swanky Caterpillar Fungus Soup

The ultra-exclusive Talon Club in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has added a new item to its high-end menu. The high roller hot-spot backroom inside one of Sin City’s swankiest hotels is serving up a $688 soup made with Cordyceps fungus, aka “caterpillar fungus.”

The Cordyceps soup at The Talon Club is made with black-skinned chicken breast, longan berry, and red date, served in a tea-like broth featuring a quarter ounce of Cordyceps in every bowl. No wonder it costs $688 — caterpillar fungus is valued at over $14,000 per gram, and this fancy fungus in particular was hand sourced from the Himalayan Mountains.

“Our special ingredient, the Cordyceps fungus, is believed to have extremely powerful healing properties such as acting as a natural cancer treatment, anti-aging supplement and even mythed to be an aphrodisiac,” said a press release for The Cosmopolitan’s Talon Club. NPR’s All Things Considered has previously referred to the soup’s special ingredient as “the Viagra of the Himalayas” and dubbed it the “most expensive fungi in the world.”

"The price doesn't compare to other fungi; the price compares to things like gold and platinum and diamonds,” said Britt Bunyard, editor of Fungi Magazine, told the public radio program.

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