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Snail soup / dshish bel baboush

Snail soup / dshish bel baboush

Put the tight snails in a bucket and wash them, then cover them with a sieve so that they can't come out of the bucket and breathe.

In the next 2 days you will have to feed them flour so that they cleanse themselves of everything they ate,

On the 3rd day the snails are washed and you put them in a closed jar with a lid and put them in the fridge so that they can go into hibernation, after you take them out you can kill them with a needle, I do that, and put them in boiled water.

Let it boil for about 30 minutes on medium heat. I recommend you watch the snails because when they boil their mucus turns to foam and may catch fire (anyway do not worry when they are cooked they have no mucus)

After they have boiled, wash them well with cold water.

Put the tomato oil and paste in a bowl and mix for 1 minute, this way the pasta loses its acidity, add the tebel, paprika, crushed garlic cloves, pepper and add water, and when the water boils, add the snails.

After 20 minutes add dshish, let it boil for 10 minutes and add the parsley; celery, beet leaves and salt to taste.

The soup is ready when it has a slightly more liquid consistency than a cream soup.

Good appetite

Snail soup / dshish bel baboush - Recipes

what a beautiful braid. very good !!
a kiss Enza

This bread is in trouble! Mmmm, and what I like so much. of braiding, what more can I say. brava!
I think I'll do it tomorrow and I'll keep you posted.

It looks great!
It has a color, if you feel like eating it!
Many kisses!

how good your bread looks. super good. blushing that I feel like jumping on the monitor. many kisses

Thanks, Gabi! If you do, I'm waiting for you with impressions. Many kisses .

Thank you, Chef! I would have liked it to be more beautiful, but no matter how tasty it is, it doesn't matter anymore.

Beautiful bread! I also tried one day to make this braid, but your word, at one point I took it to the plow. )) I wasn't in a position to be willing to try again, so I gave up another time. :))))

Look so perfect and so yummy. I want a piece of it!

wow, what bread, danielutzo, you say it's cake, what a mastery! congratulations, it's simply gorgeous! a pleasant Sunday at the young lady's and you!

Thanks Daniela! You should know that I only cut another slice when I looked at it. hi, hi. Kisses and have a nice Sunday!

Thanks, Alina! This is how I often suffer with delicious recipes, I go to the monitor.
Kisses and have a nice Sunday!

Cuscra, I thought of doing a test with two real cords, but of different colors, I will work with them, until I learn correctly how to knit. You made me laugh when you said you took the plow too. so it's a family defect.

Thanks, Alison! It's a good idea with the cake, maybe I can make pasta and weave it correctly. Kisses and have a nice Sunday!

Congratulations you are very good and what a beautiful braid came out!

danutza dear you made a bread of all praise. unfortunately for us rice is king and as my husband doesn't kill himself for bread I gave it up too. do you know what it's like when my husband doesn't like something :)). kisses

Thanks, Mary! You are very kind. A kiss and good Sunday!

Thanks, Sarah! We also have spaghetti in the first place, but we also need a slice of bread, and as there is always a good piece of the purchased one, I try to make it at home, so I can always change the recipe and shape of the bread and almost always pass the exam with flying colors. family liars. Many kisses . I hope you feel better.

Go that goodnesseeeeeee. mmmm I'm hungry now, ufff. I took your recipe and in the afternoon I make it because I can't eat it anymore. brava brava. I hug you sweetly. d

Thanks Novelina. I'm waiting for you with impressions and a slice of hot bread, because mine disappeared too quickly. Many kisses .

Hi, bread looks so soft and perfectly baked, thanks for sharing.

Waw so fast. Well it looks like it was extraordinarily good. like you at the pope. -P

Treat and trick, thanks for the compliments and for Visit.

Novelina, I'm waiting for you to make the bread, then tell me how long you lasted without eating from it. Many kisses.

I came to the report, live!
I made bread, super good, tasty only. I wanted to be more wordy and I tried to weave it into six, I did well and in the end I drowned like a gypsy on the shore, I just got stuck, I didn't know where to put it :)) ) I broke it hot because I couldn't resist the craving. buuuna!
Thank you girl, for such a flour recipe! Come on!

How nice you are, Gabi! You made me laugh with tears. I didn't get the braid out with four, I realize how you tangled between the braids. The important thing is that it turned out good and you liked it. Kisses and we'll hear from you. I hope not only for the next bread. Kiss.

Snail soup / dshish bel baboush - Recipes

So it looks superrrrr.
I've never done. I think it's delicious !!
A nice Sunday!

greeting cards look great.

Alynusa, I haven't done it yet, but I'm very excited about the result, I can't wait to make cookies and stick them wonderfully. Many kisses !

Alinutzika, it's super tasteful and with vanilla flavor. Kiss !

Fantasy in the kitchen, thanks for visiting.

You started the post with a melancholy. it's still summer for me. and if you want, for the weekend I invite you to the beach, it is announced 31.32 degrees.
Nothing can be better than a homemade jam, and if you have more flavored. it's even better, in my opinion! I like the color but also the consistency
I kiss you and have a nice evening.

What a beautiful color this jam has :-)

Daniela, your jelly is sensational, a very attractive color.

Thank you, Petronela! Indeed, today I felt an autumn scent and I was sad. I would like to stay at the beach for a while, even for a day. The jam is delicious and fragrant, and the color drove me crazy too. Many kisses !

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