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Battenberg cake - the princely dessert

Battenberg cake - the princely dessert

Choose a baking tray with higher walls, which is divided into two equal sections, placing a cardboard (as long as the width of the tray and as wide as its height) and fixed vertically; then cover it with baking paper to cover the piece of cardboard so that the composition does not penetrate underneath it. I'm sorry I don't have photos from the preparation, although I wish I could do that, it's something beyond me, for several reasons. If the administrators would allow me, I would put here a link to a tutorial that shows, in the pictures, clearly enough how to proceed.

Two cake trays can be used. I had a rectangular tray with the dimensions: 28/18 cm (and 5 cm high) and I divided it in two (in width) with a cardboard 18 cm long and 5 cm wide.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Sift the wheat flour with the baking powder and the almond flour.

Beat the eggs with the sugar until creamy. Gradually add the butter, then the almond essence, stirring further, then incorporate the dry mixture and continue mixing until a homogeneous and creamy composition is obtained, which is divided into two equally equal parts. One of them is pink, the other is yellow. Place them separately, each in a section of the tray. With a spatula, stretch the composition so that it fills the corners of the tray and level it. Place the tray in the oven and bake over medium heat for about 30 minutes or until the top is nicely raised, elastic to the touch and the toothpick inserted in the middle of the top comes out clean.

Allow to cool for a few minutes before removing the tops from the pan. Place on a stainless steel grill and wait until the countertops are completely cooled.

Remove the edges of the two countertops. Cut each countertop into two equal parts, lengthwise. Four strips (two pink and two yellow) are thus obtained. If necessary, adjust the dimensions so that the strips are identical in size.

Heat the apricot jam slightly (5 seconds in the microwave) and pass it through a strainer to remove the pieces of fruit.

Grease the edges of the countertop strips with jam and glue them together.

Sprinkle the work surface with powdered sugar and roll out the marzipan paste, in a rectangular shape, large enough to cover the whole cake.

Grease the sides of the cake with jam and apply the marzipan mantle, wrapping the cake and making sure that the area where the edges meet is positioned underneath.

The cake can be eaten immediately. It is incredibly fragrant and velvety. It can be stored for 3-4 days at room temperature, in a tightly closed container (if kept in the refrigerator, soften the marzipan; and if exposed to air, dry the countertop).

Social canteen

Ufff… I hope they both get back to normal soon! That since they came from that World Congress of Gastrophysics, I don't understand anything that Aunt Jeni discusses with Miruna! I only use terms from those mirobolants, such as & # 8222 the molecular fusion of the mayonnaise composition & # 8221 or & # 8221 the radiant field of the cabbage in cabbage leaves & # 8221. Dude, uncle, so I didn't even know I was eating mayonnaise with fused molecules, literally! And that radiant field… & # 8222Tanti Jeni, do the cabbages radiate fields? & # 8221, I ask her a little impatiently. She looks at me with pity and says: & # 8221 Well, Gheorghe, she can radiate those sarmales like a nuclear reactor that still doesn't saturate you! & # 8221 Then she sits tactfully at the work table with the ingredients on the table and explains: & # 8221 Look, now you will see a classic demonstration of the capacitive effect of lasagna sheets on the cohesion of the composition inside & # 8221.

& # 8222Eeee, if it's with lasagna, let me look at it too & # 8221, I say interested and sit down on my favorite kitchen chair, watching Aunt Jeni as she prepares this wonderful lasagna with an absolutely delicious and unforgettable composition !

At first, Aunt Jeni boils the lasagna sheets in salted water, following the instructions on the package. You just know that she reads them with holiness twice, including that little writing. After the sheets have boiled briskly, Aunt Jeni gently drains them and places them on a plate, away from the lustful eyes of the cat Stanislas.

As long as those good sheets are left, Aunt Jeni finely chops the mint (be careful, don't rub it, right?), The livers, the mushrooms and fry them with sizzles in the hot frying pan with hot oil. After about 7-8 minutes of merry sizzling, Aunt Jeni adds to the pan the whipped cream and whipped cream, along with the chopped mint and salt and pepper. The mixture in the pan stops sizzling, like a baby calming down when he receives a bottle of milk. Exciting…

Meanwhile, Aunt Jeni boils the dry red wine, along with the sugar and semi-sweet wine, and after 10 minutes add this magical liqueur to the mixture in the pan, thus filling the kitchen with aromatic scents… Aunt Jeni always mixes, so as not to somehow burn this wonder and let it all boil, over low heat, until the sauce is well reduced.

Eiiii, dear ones, now comes the part with the assembly: for this, our dear Aunt Jeni has prepared a heat-resistant dish, greased with olive oil., On the bottom of which is placed a sheet of lasagna, then a thin layer of delicious mixture, then another lasagna sheet, another layer of delicious mixture and so on, until the sheets are finished, the last of them completing and covering the whole composition, thus enveloping it in an aura of mystery… Above, Aunt Jeni pours a little tomato sauce and then puts the precious pot in the oven, for about ten minutes, until the juice drops. Ah, my dears… this lasagna is simply delicious… I can't wait for the next portions!

Hey, let's see what our sweet pigeon, Miruna, is pampering us with today. Auuu… Did I call her a dove? I think that's why I blushed like that… Or I blushed at the thought of this absolutely wonderful dessert: fruit salad with strawberry mousse… Ahhh, how delicious it will be! Be careful: for the strawberry mousse, Mirunica uses 400 grams of strawberries, 4 egg whites, 400 grams of sugar and an envelope of vanilla sugar. Miruna beat the egg whites well until they froth, then add the sugar and vanilla sugar and beat well, very well, until the foam hardens. Strain the strawberries and add them over the egg white foam, mixing with the whisk. Miruna always tells us about the importance of the goal in the kitchen… Just as Aunt Jeni uses the polish, so does Miruna use the goal in everything she does. For example, with this strawberry foam, the goal is to air the composition by making it fluffy and fluffy. Buuuun… While our strawberry mousse is in the freezer for a while, Miruna prepares the fruit for the salad: a banana, an apple, a pear, two kiwis, two oranges and 300 grams of strawberries, other than foam, obviously. Wash this fruit, cut into cubes and mix in a large bowl. Above, like an apotheosis, Miruna gracefully pours strawberry mousse… Ahhh… how beautiful it looks and how delicious eeee… Wait to take a big spoon, I have to test it… Miam-miammm…

Well, dear ones, we have an honorable menu! The lasagna is hot, just taken out of the oven, and the fruit salad with strawberry mousse is ready. So we are waiting for you on the tables on the terrace to indulge in these goodies, on this wonderful day on Tuesday. You should know that we pulled the awning and opened the umbrellas, so if it rains on the terrace there is no bathroom.

What are you waiting for? Come on, rush and lust mareeeeee.

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