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In a bowl put 2 lbs of flour, salt powder, sugar, yeast and warm milk. We mix them and leave them a little aside. Put the rest of the flour in a bowl, add the yolks, oil and mix them with the flour. We also pour the milk and start kneading. A non-sticky, fluffy dough should result. Let it rise for 30 minutes.

Filling we prepare it by mixing all the ingredients. Heat the oven and prepare a tray lined with baking paper. Spread the dough on the work table lined with flour and cut squares in the middle of which we add a tablespoon of the composition. We tighten the corners and twist them. Place each piece in the tray with the corners down. Grease each cheese with a beaten egg. Put in the oven until browned. When they are ready, powder them with powdered sugar.

Good appetite.

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