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Cheeseballs, salted cheese and Italian herbs

Cheeseballs, salted cheese and Italian herbs

The salted curd and cheese are grated on a small grater.

Mix the two types of cheese, add the eggs, salt, Italian herbs and then the flour mixed with baking powder. Mix until the composition is even.

When the composition has become uniform, take a teaspoon of it, pass it through the flour, shape the balls and leave it to wait, until the whole quantity is exhausted.

In a small saucepan pour sunflower oil, enough to fully encompass the fried balls.

When the oil is hot, fry the balls over medium heat and when they are nicely browned, remove them with a spatula and place them in a bowl lined with paper to absorb the excess oil.

They are very good, both as a hot and cold appetizer.


Instead of salted curd, you can use cow / sheep telemea.


If the telemeau is not well drained, you will either have to supplement the amount of flour in the composition or add only one egg.


If the cheese is salty enough, reduce the amount of salt added to the composition.


Don't make big balls, because they will increase a little when fried.


To avoid using too much oil, fry the meatballs in a small saucepan. (Bullets must be completely immersed in oil.)


Do not fry the dumplings until the oil is hot.


Fry the meatballs over medium heat until nicely browned. Do not burn them, so that they do not acquire a bitter taste and an ugly appearance.


After frying, hold the balls slightly on paper towels to remove excess oil.

Swedish buffet & # 8211 assorted appetizers

Winter Holidays, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc. are approaching, so I thought I would present you a mini-buffet, with assorted appetizers that I recently served, for a family anniversary. They are not spectacular, but many of you ask me for menu ideas for parties, holidays, etc. and I thought they were useful.

So let's get started, we made chicken meatballs and cheese dumplings first and foremost. Then I used a fresh pineapple, radish, a few white grapes and a few black grapes, a handful of toothpicks and I made a pineapple breaded with meatballs, meatballs, grapes and radishes. You can replace radishes with cherry tomatoes. Pineapple looks interesting and is much more effective than a simple plate.

Then followed the classic & # 8220ham and cheese dobos& # 8220, always appreciated by guests and always hunted by me in the wedding sets :)) I chose the simplest option: I bought sliced ​​ham and melted cheese slices from Hochland (be careful, however, not the classic packages, but the Scheiben sandwiches, which are either with Emmentaler or Maasdamer and the slices are thicker, so perfect for that). I alternated a slice of ham with a slice of cheese, I glued them together with butter and for more stability, I stuck a piece of toothpick and a piece of grape.

Also in the category & # 8220artistic impression & # 8221 we have bacon skewers, Brie cheese, candied fruits and grapes. By the way, Brie cheese or any other type of cheese with noble mold goes pretty well with grapes, so you can make a separate plate with cheeses like this and grapes.

Because not all guests are fans of cheese & # 8220mucegaita & # 8221, an assorted plate was required, which is very well placed in the middle of the table, at a Swedish buffet.

Stuffed eggs& # 8230 hm & # 8230 I don't think I've presented the recipe to you before, although it's so popular that I think you know it. I'll come back with the recipe, if necessary and you don't know how to do it. If not, I present the mice with stuffed eggs (Dana (Danone) also makes some nice hard mice). The ears are made of radishes, the eyes of cloves, the tails of parsley.

Because it is not ok to soak people with appetizers without offering them a more & # 8220light & # 8221 alternative, we made an assorted salad, from Romaine salad, radishes, tomatoes, black olives and mozzarella, with a simple dressing, from yogurt . It is preferable to choose Romaine salad or Iceberg salad for such salads that you serve at festive meals, because they are more crunchy and last much longer fresh, even if the salad has dressing, regular lettuce & # 8220sears & # 8221 very light, especially under the weight of the dressing.

We also enjoyed the "ham salad", either on canapés, or in pepper boats, or directly on cucumber slices. The salad recipe is incredibly simple and you can find it here.

Sweets of all kinds

Miho, but I know you cooked, you didn't mess up. If you weren't my girlfriend, I wouldn't have believed you.
Brava, congratulations!

My mother Miha while you were cooking. Bravo..

super menu! and how many !! bravo miha! as always: p & gt: d & lt

wow! and do you still have it for me? super, all look fantastic, congratulations!


wowow how much you cooked. did you have a big party All one and one. Bravo.

Congratulations for making such a rich menu and aspects (it was certainly very tasty).

Miha dear mother yes you cooked no joke! Everything looks wonderful and delicious.

I would have really liked to be a guest at your table, especially at the dessert table: D

Minoki, know that I'm glad I'm your girlfriend too. :))

Thanks Gabi. It seems to me to be an ordinary menu, without too much & quotspectaculos & quot :))

Just me, I don't have any more. Last night I ate the last crumbs of cake. :))

Thank you Mirela, thank you!

Thanks Cristina. There seem to be many on the list, but when I put them on the table they seemed very few. :))

Veronica, I didn't party. Neither big nor small. I only had friends visiting, plus for 3 days I didn't go into the kitchen to cook. :))

Ana, thank you. I would have liked to do something else, but I didn't have time. : -s

Natalia, maybe you'll be next year. :)) But until Easter the other one may see us in the summer. :))

Mihaela, everything looks so good. The dishes are delicious, you cooked like ... a real Moldovan :): a lot and everything is very beautifully presented. Super. Congratulations!

Message from & quotinidosa & quot GDC for the brave Miha:
"Just that?"

miha, my dear, you made an extraordinary meal. with the exception, in my opinion, of Easter with chocolate. (ie pork leg, not bacon,), sheep's cheese, dry, like a cheese, not full of water, eggs. It is not dessert. It is sweet bread, simply, as in German-Austrians.
I've seen such recipes before, but those are already sweets, not Easter, they are inventions. People no longer know what Easter means. Easter replaces Easter bread. So it can't be a cocoa cake, you eat it.
Forgive me, I made this observation, I especially appreciate you, but I think that the roots of the tradition must be known, especially since many of us have not had a religious education. The conclusion is that if you throw such recipes on the Internet, ( you are not alone, I saw a lot) you have to tell what it's about. or call it the cake with cheese and cocoa. in no case Easter, WHAT IS EASTER BREAD!

indeed a wonderful meal! Even if the Easter with chocolate is not "traditional", you should know that my family eats all this at home. even if in Moldova the famous traditional Easter is just bread with a little cheese! My family doesn't even want to hear about it! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! You worked hard!

My dear Miha, how many wonderful things you cooked for Easter !! They all caught my eye, but especially the onion basket with bouef salad, Moldovan borscht, turkey meatballs and chicken medallions. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart for the mastery my dear and right now I'm going to read the recipes !! I kiss you dearly.

Wonderful and appetizing menu!

My mother, but you ate no joke. Wonderful all! Brownies look like millions and the idea with onions for. basket is great! A good day!

Dear Miha, I hadn't been to your place for a long time, and today, when I finally arrived, I didn't feel like leaving :)
Although I overdid it with Easter food, your dishes aroused my appetite again :) especially the meatballs and chocolate Easter. Congratulations. Very good and good-looking all the dishes on the menu! Bravooo!

Pansy, with all due respect for your experience in the kitchen and for your blog, but I think you are too categorical and harsh in your message.
Traditions differ from region to region.
Considering the fact that in our country Easter is sanctified and eaten only in the three days of the holiday, in the morning on an empty stomach, without anything else, before starting the meal, I might seem terrified by your traditions, as you seemed you of Mihaela's (what do you mean to eat Easter as bread?) .. but I respect your traditions, I read about them with interest, even if I will never practice them. In my area they are absolutely different (at our place on the Easter table there are none of the dishes listed by you) and like you, I am very proud of them.

Pansy, Romania is made up of several regions, in case you didn't know. And just as you have customs in Transylvania, there are customs in other regions of the country. It is not the letter of the law as is done in Transylvania. I am from Moldova (across the Prut), and in our country, Easter is also made with cheese, but it is not eaten instead of bread, like you, but it is consecrated at the church on the night of the Resurrection and is eaten in the first 3 days before any other food. It is a kind of purification ritual, necessary in those bright days.
Cozonacul yes, in our country it is eaten as bread, namely on Easter days. And it is done differently, without the filling. But that doesn't mean that I have to jump on Mihaela's head, to reproach her for throwing incorrect recipes on the net. )

Pansy, you know that word. how many huts are so customary. I did not know that Easter is a bread, in our country it has always been sweet, served as a dessert. It's a more special kind of cake, not bread at all.
Now I don't know where and when the tradition was lost, but since I was a child at home I had Easter with cheese, cocoa or sour cream at the Easter table. I don't deny that it is the one with cheese that is traditionally made, but the 21st century has left its mark on other Easter dishes. It all depends on everyone's taste and preference.
In our city there is a confectionery of the Metropolitan Church, which makes cozonac, Easter to order. And Easter is with various fillings, including cocoa / chocolate. This makes me think that religious education has no say. Now, if I don't like lamb, shouldn't I celebrate Easter?
And as I wrote in the title of this post, this is OUR Easter menu, I did not recommend anything, I did not say and I never claimed that I respect customs and traditions. Maybe I don't even have a broad religious education to do that. If someone is interested in what I did and wants to do it (next year :)) I can only be happy. If not. that is, I will try harder next time.
And the fact that he "quotes" me as throwing recipes on the internet, can only leave me with a bitter taste. It is a recipe that I have known for a long time, that not only I make, that many people appreciate, I don't see where the problem is.

Dear Mrs. GDC, that's all. That's all my strength held. :))

Geta, thank you! And you had a rich meal! )

Laura, thank you very much for your appreciation and I am very glad that I aroused your interest. :) To do when you have the opportunity the onion basket, a jewel will come out of your hands. :)

Mariana and Cami. thank you! I hug you dearly!

Oooo Dana. thanks for visiting. And your praises fill me with joy. I kiss you and thank you once again!

Lilia and Natalia, thanks for the & quotintervention & quot. You are a Moldovan of mine :) and you know very well how it is with the traditions in the area.
May, this Easter be adopted from somewhere, I do not say no. Just as it was with eggs painted in other colors than red, just as the Bunny was adopted.