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Blackberry Orange Pancakes

Blackberry Orange Pancakes

Good morning! I hope you all have been well during my impromptu blogging hiatus. Over the past week and a half, I have taken spring cleaning to a new level. I quite literally cleaned, dusted and decluttered every crevice in my apartment. Only my closet (ouch) remains. The clean and purge process has been cathartic; I feel at peace in my surroundings.

On Sunday, I cooked a batch of pancakes to sustain me through an afternoon of deep cleaning. They were based off of Joy the Baker’s recipe for Berry Meyer Lemon Pancakes, except I traded whole wheat pastry flour for regular flour. I also used thawed, frozen blackberries and orange zest instead of raspberries and lemon.

The result? Delicious, of course, but I can’t decide if I prefer raspberry and lemon or blackberries and orange.

Which do you prefer: blackberry and orange, or raspberry and lemon? What’s your favorite pairing of citrus and berry?

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