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Diabetic cake

Diabetic cake

Preheat the oven to 180 C

The top is made in a form with a small detachable bottom, 22 cm in diameter, lined with baking paper. Grease the paper a little with butter.

Beat the egg whites well. Mix the starch with the baking powder. Homogenize the egg whites and add the melted butter, then the vanilla essence. Mix. Add the starch with the baking powder. Add the egg whites in 2 tranches, stirring gently so as not to leave. Pour the cake into a cake tin and bake for 10 minutes at 180 C. Remove the top from the pan and leave it to cool on a metal grill.

Put the cottage cheese in a blender and beat well until it becomes a cream. Heat the raspberry juice a little and put the saccharin pills in it, to dissolve. Add the soaked gelatin and mix until it melts. Add the cream cheese and mix well. Put the cream in the fridge to cool and harden a little.

Put the top on the plate from which you will serve the cake. Over it he puts the detachable walls of the cake shape. Pour the cream on top. Put the cake in the fridge until the next day.

The next day, when the cream is hardened and no longer flows, carefully remove the walls of the cake form.

Heat the cream until it starts to make small blisters. Add the broken chocolate into small pieces. Mix well to melt all the chocolate. Let the cream cool a little. Pour it over the cake. Garnish it with some raspberries.

How to make a cake for diabetics

The egg whites will separate from the yolks in separate bowls.

In a deep bowl, put the butter (at room temperature) to mix with 2 crushed saccharin tablets, until it becomes a fine butter foam.

The yolks will be added over the butter, one by one, mixing until they are completely incorporated.

The ground walnuts will be added further (the mixer will be discarded) together with 1 teaspoon of baking powder (the ingredients are wet and the dough must rise), mixing with a spatula from bottom to top (same operation as for flour) .

The green apples will be put on the grater with large meshes, squeezed well by the juice, then added to the dough, mixing with a spatula.

In a detachable cake form, with a diameter of 20 cm, greased with butter, transfer the dough, then put it in the preheated oven at 190 degrees, for 20 minutes.

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt, 1 well-ground saccharin pill and ground walnuts, and spread them over the cake dough with the blade of a wide knife, almost 5 minutes at the end.

The form will be put back in the oven, until the egg white hardens, au gratin.

The cake for diabetics will be left to cool in the form of a cake, in the refrigerator, then transferred to a round plate, portioned in triangles and served with a glass of lemonade and ice and 2-3 mint leaves.

Delicious desserts for diabetics, good and in shape

Patients know that diabetes comes from excess sugar, which is why sugar is not allowed in any form and in any amount, no matter how small.

Moreover, the doctor limits their consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates, able to increase blood sugar: bread, pasta, cereals, some fruits.

This does not mean, however, that the patient with diabetes is condemned not to taste desserts. On the contrary, for sweetening food, there is a wide range of sweeteners on the market, such as saccharin pills, powdered sugar and liquid sweeteners, in the form of syrups - all without sugar.

There are also ready-made sweets, most of them imported and all very expensive. The following are some recipes for much cheaper sweets, without sugar and of the type allowed by the doctor.

Ingredients: oatmeal (30 g = 14 carbohydrates), low-fat yogurt 1% fat (100 g = 4 carbohydrates), cocoa (one teaspoon = 1 carbohydrate), powder or liquid sweetener (as indicated on the package leaflet).

Preparation: weigh the oatmeal mixed in a dry state with cocoa and sweetener, add the yogurt, mix - possibly with a mixer - and leave for 1/2 hour, until the mixture becomes consistent.

It is served as such. You will have a surprise: the taste is very similar to that of almond cream.

Ingredients: oatmeal (30 g = 14 carbohydrates), skimmed yogurt 1% fat (75 g = 3 carbohydrates), peel from a grated orange (only the surface layer, otherwise the taste becomes bitter = zero carbohydrates), the juice from a orange (35 g = 5 carbohydrates)

Preparation: weigh the oatmeal mix dry with cocoa and grated peel, add yogurt and juice, mix - possibly with a mixer - and leave for 1/2 hour, until the mixture becomes consistent. It is served as such. It has a pleasant, refreshing taste.

Ingredients: oatmeal (15 g = 7 carbohydrates), low cream (40 g = 0 carbohydrates), peel of a lemon (only the surface layer, otherwise the taste becomes bitter = zero carbohydrates), juice of a lemon (10 g = 1 carbohydrate)

It is prepared similarly to orange cream, the taste is refreshing and pleasant, but much different from the classic lemon cream, the one with egg and flour.

You can prepare, also based on oatmeal, creams from any fruit, with the following mentions:

Ingredients: oatmeal (15 g = 7 carbohydrates), low cream (30 g = 0 carbohydrates), fruit pulp crushed by hand or with a mixer: apples, apricots, cherries, blackberries, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, cherries (65 g = about 7 carbohydrates), melon, blueberries, tangerines (40 g = about 4 carbohydrates). Bananas, grapes and plums are not recommended.

Prepare a classic, thin cake top, preferably of the pandispan type, but made of wholemeal flour and without sugar. Instead of sugar, you can use a sweetener that allows baking to a certain temperature and that exists commercially.

It can be syruped, with a sweetener diluted in skim milk, with the addition of artificial flavor. It is not glazed, but it is filled and covered with one of the above creams. It can be decorated with fruit.

Before dosing his slice, the diabetic will calculate the carbohydrate content, as follows: the countertop calculated according to the weight of the white bread, the cream calculated according to the content specified above.

Sugar-free apple jam

Ingredients: well-ripened apples, sweetener.

Preparation: peel the apples, remove the stalk with the seeds, grate them or grind them in a vegetable grinder and boil them with a little water (not much, so as not to become a compote). Boil by chewing, or put in the "bain-marie".

When the liquid has dropped and the paste has acquired some consistency, remove from the heat, add a sweetener, dosed according to the supplier's instructions, and place it IMMEDIATELY in hot, clean jars, which are closed with tight lids.

Storage: keep only in the refrigerator. It does not last long.
The carbohydrate content depends on the consistency of the pasta. It is eaten greased on bread, in a very thin layer.

Diabetes and the daily menu

Diabetes is a disease that results from too much sugar (glucose) in the blood. The body does not have enough insulin to turn food into energy. Thus, high sugar levels begin to damage, slowly, slowly, the eyes, heart, kidneys, feet. How to eat and live healthy to keep diabetes under control

Eat healthy. Include more grains, fruits, vegetables in your diet and fewer sweets, meats and fats each day.
Exercise every day to prevent weight gain and improve blood sugar control.
Check your blood sugar level often and take your medications very carefully.

How to eat healthy:

- You must have a varied diet, as recommended in the Food Pyramid for diabetics, to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs - carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
- Reduce the amount of fat you eat, choosing less fatty products and cooking with less fat.
- Consume more fiber, eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
- Consume fewer products that contain a lot of sugar, such as fruit juices, sour juices, sweetened tea or coffee.
- Use less salt when cooking. Consume fewer salt-rich products, such as canned or canned soups, pickles and processed meat.
- Eat smaller portions and do not skip meals.
- Read the product labels carefully.
- Don't drink too much alcohol.

What is the food pyramid for diabetics?

The food pyramid for diabetics is a guide that explains how much you need to eat each day. It looks like the Food Pyramid you probably already know.

The pyramid is divided into six groups. You need to eat more of the products in the largest group at the base of the pyramid, and fewer in the group at the top of the pyramid. The number of daily servings is not the same for everyone, however. Here is a list of foods you should eat daily:

Carbohydrate cereals, beans and vegetables (eg corn or potatoes) - 6 or more servings / day
Fruits (contain vitamins C, A, potassium and fiber) - 3-4 servings / day
Vegetables (contain vitamins A, C, fiber) - 3-5 servings / day
Milk (source of calcium, protein, vitamins A and D) - 2-3 servings / day
Meat and others (good source of iron, zinc, vitamin B and protein) - 2-3 servings / day
Fats, sweets, alcohol: these products, found at the base of the pyramid, should be consumed only in small quantities. Fats and oils should be limited, as they have a lot of calories. Sweets contain a lot of sugar and should be consumed very rarely.

What is the right number of servings right for me?

The pyramid is a general portion guide for each food group, but you should know that a dietitian can create a more precise menu for you. Remember that the number of portions in the pyramid is set for one day. As food increases blood sugar levels, it is best not to eat all portions at once. For example, the 4 servings of fruit can be divided into three meals + a snack.

Having a healthy lifestyle, eating the right things and exercising a lot, you can keep your diabetes under control. It is also a good idea to consult your doctor frequently and, possibly, a dietitian, who can give you advice on your lifestyle.

What does a portion mean?

Here is a list of foods that represent a single portion, in the pyramid guide:

Cereals, beans and vegetables rich in carbohydrates:
1. a slice of bread
2.o briosa
3.o chifla
4. half a cup of cereal / pasta / rice
5.a half cup of dried beans / corn / pod beans.

1. a cup of raw vegetables
2. Half a cup of vegetable juice

1. a medium-sized fruit
2.a half cup of canned fruit / compote
3. Half a cup of fruit juice.

1. a cup of milk or yogurt

1,100 gr. of cooked meat / skinless chicken / fish
2.un ou
3. two teaspoons of peanut butter
4,100 gr. cheese

Fats, sweets and alcohol:
1st teaspoon of butter / margarine / mayonnaise
2. a teaspoon of cheese or salad dressing
3.a half cup of ice cream

If you have diabetes, it is good to consult a dietitian, who will recommend a personalized menu for you. Thus, your menu will be based on several factors, such as your ideal weight, height, age and physical activity.

Let's not lose our sense of humor!

In the comments section of the photos posted on the Cakes with Threatening Auras account, there are many internet users with a sense of humor. "Less festive" cakes amused Twitter users, offering ideas for celebrating less happy occasions

"I think I'll order a cake for the divorce party too," says one lady.

Other posts leave room for imagination, such as an image of a diplomat cake floating in the ocean, causing someone to wonder, “Who exactly is baking these cakes? Am I intentionally weird? In the end, will they be eaten? ”

Photo source: Twitter, Instagram

Homemade almond milk

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I know a 6th grader, he's 12 years old and he has diabetes. Keep a diet, make insulin injections every day, learn well at school. Regarding the cause of the disease, it is not known what the cause is. He certainly does not inherit the disease, because no one in the family was ill. Who knows when the causes of this serious disease will be discovered.

I have been ill with type 1 diabetes insulin dependent for 19 years, this year I received a medium disability pension. I have been appealing since July 2008 and so far I have not received any answer

I have been diabetic for 3 years and, at first, I reacted violently, believing that my life has no meaning. In time I learned that a diabetic can live exactly as before and that, as long as there are no complications, the diet does not is a big problem-adapting insulin doses to the ingestion of hc. requires patience and study, and based on experience, you can live really well.

What category of disability pension does insulin-dependent diabetes fall into? I also have the specification: "forbidden - traveling unaccompanied", especially since I have an active (in 2002) an event of clinical death due to this. Besides, I have totally lost hearing in my right ear, lost sight in my right eye, which are untreatable.

please post sugar-free cake recipes. I beg you. Thank you, Ioana

please post as many cake recipes for diabetics as possible. let us also enjoy something sweet)). thank you:*

please kindly post recipes for diabetics.

in fact, an insulin-dependent diabetic must take carbohydrates into account, so for a sugar-free cake you still have to calculate your carbohydrates (flour, milk, etc ..)

I would also like recipes for diabetes for my 4-year-old boy who has this disease

I found out a few months ago that I have diabetes mellitus 2 and I would be interested in some recipes for diabetes, but which would also contain a few lipids because I have to lose a little weight.

I don't know what else to understand - most recipes on the net contain brown sugar, pasta, fruit, which are very sweet. etc. - What else do you understand from here? these are not good for sibling diabetes. do you understand? I will give you recipes especially for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I didn't like everything I read so far. sorry - but that's it

It's so easy to make a cake for diabetes! The following information is important: B vitamins have a positive role in preventing or controlling insulin and diabetes, respectively. Also important are dietary fiber, both soluble (eg pectin from apples, pears and others) and insoluble (eg bran, or those from root vegetables - carrots, celery, etc.) because in contact with liquids from the stomach, they form a colloidal mass which, in turn (colloidal mass) does not allow carbohydrates to be eliminated directly in the blood and as a result, are eliminated slowly in the blood, and in turn the pancreas secretes little insulin. As a result, depending on the 2 types of diabetes, you can adapt yourself at home, any cake recipe you want, in the sense that from the entire amount of flour needed, replace a maximum amount of white flour (depending on your preferences ), with wholemeal flour. Personally, I recommend wholemeal flour, for the above mentioned reason, and in addition, commercial black flour may contain malt flour, which contains a saccharide (maltose) which in turn will increase the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas. I suggest you do more tests, to see which is the product, respectively the product you like the most. You must not forget that due to wholemeal flour, there is a possibility that the appearance of the cake made by you at home, will not be the same as that of the cake made only from white flour, but you must not forget the positive role in the body. Besides the positive role in diabetes, the high-fiber cake will help you have a good transit, prevent constipation and colon cancer. For people who do not like wholemeal cakes mixed with white flour, I suggest you calculate the amount of carbohydrates in the finished product / 100 grams of product. If you use fruit when making the cake, I suggest you use more sour apples or pears (poorer in sugars, but rich in pectin). However, instead of using sugar both in the preparation of the cake and in serving coffee or tea, I recommend using fructose, which is the sugar in the fruit and has the lowest glycemic index. I do not recommend using synthetic sweeteners, because your pancreas does not know that it is a synthetic sweetener and still secretes insulin. In the hope that my advice will be useful to you, I wish you more work and imagination as much as possible in making the wonderful cakes. Please do not forget that balance has an important role, both in nutrition and in daily life. If I can still help you, you can write to my e-mail address. Success!

do you want products only for diabetes, we are waiting for you at the only confectionery in Bucharest only with products for diabetes and diet [we use fructose] on stefan cel mare nr 56 car 330 ,, 335, near I.N.G ..

Please, if anyone knows if you can get a disability pension if you have diabetes. He also has my friend and my mother luyi and I am trying to find out if such a pension can be made. Thank you

I'm sorry but no one gives a concrete recipe as they are the usual recipes I would like a recipe for diabetics with cream cake something thank you!

DIABETES CAKES I read a lot of articles about diabetes. I don't want to go into details. I also have a family, so I was directly interested. Because I am not satisfied with the answers related to cake recipes, I want to share with you my experience. 1). Apple pie, cheese pie, pancakes, oatmeal cookies, jam roll, all made with SUCK. They are common and use saccharin instead of sugar. 30-40 pills depends on how sweet you want. Everything to taste. 2). GEMS for diabetics: write on it DIAT - ONLY THESE ARE FOR DIABETES. 3). ICE CREAM for diabetics, is a large, rectangular box with a green lid and says DIAT ICE CREAM - you can find it in Kauffland or Billa. 4). NAPOLITAN for diabetics, in the same stores, just like that, DIAT writes on them. 5). FRUIT YOGHURT for diabetics. 6). CHOCOLATE for diabetics, also in these districts. ATTENTION: Products are found in these stores in diabetic districts that are mixed - because of traders who do not know or ignore incompetence - the difference between a diabetic and a man on a diet - so you must read to write DIAT, until you get used to it, then you will see them from a distance. Ice cream is in the ice cream parlor. IMPORTANT: the diabetic must have the food weighed, not to abuse, eaten 3 times a day, 3 main meals and 2 snacks between them. Tip: Diabetes is a disease you can live with, bad are the COMPLICATIONS it gives. Stroke, eye, kidney problems, etc. So everything should be consumed in moderation, depending on what other problems the patient has. For the elderly: always control the blood pressure, it is very important that it does not increase beyond 14-15. Danger of stroke! I wish you health! I hope you find what I wrote above useful. I forgot to mention and it is very important to keep your cholesterol under control. So no fat, fried, only chicken, turkey, beef, and especially fish. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Control your blood sugar. At 6 months check-up at the nutritionist for tests, medical letter with the treatment prescribed for the family doctor. I wish you health!

if you have recipes for jams for diabetics?

cream HULALA1 L, gelatin 3 sachets dr oetker, sweet milk 375 ml, 6 eggs yolks, saccharin

15-20 pills depends or diabetes sugar 200 gr the yolks are rubbed with sugar, gelatin and milk are added to cover them a little. Rub well and add the rest of the milk put on low heat until everything melts now if you don't use sugar]] let it cool and in the meantime beat 700 ml of whipped cream well then add the cooled cream in it put a cellophane in a pan put the composition and let it cool pour it in about 3 hours and simmer with the rest of the whipped cream

cream HULALA1 L, gelatin 3 sachets dr oetker, sweet milk 375 ml, 6 eggs yolks, saccharin

15-20 pills depends or diabetes sugar 200 gr the yolks are rubbed with sugar, gelatin and milk are added to cover them a little. Rub well and add the rest of the milk put on low heat until everything melts now if you don't use sugar]] let it cool and in the meantime beat 700 ml of whipped cream well then add the cooled cream in it put a cellophane in a pan put the composition and let it cool pour it in about 3 hours and simmer with the rest of the whipped cream

or what jam they have jam can be made with saccharin and as teas pass the beans siafinile

I'm just saying what I tried. apricot jam made only from fruit and gelling agent from Dr. Oetker (for diabetics

approx. 7 RON box) comes out identical to the classic one (taste, color, consistency). maybe my experience is helpful :)

Recipes for dibet are tasty but I wish you hadn't tasted them.

my 78-year-old father with diabetic neuropathy and many leg wounds, healed with a natural treatment that worked wonders

Hello! you could describe the natural treatment that your father followed! health!

where are the wonderful recipes for diabetics dear ones? Shame on you for the title

outside he painted his fence, inside. the leopard. Well, I only see recipe requirements for diabetics, not even, "Delicious recipes for diabetics." SHAME! in this country he lies for everything.

I think every housewife knows the blackberry recipe. I have diabetes and I make this recipe, cut the cake into pieces that I put in the freezer (in small bags) and take out 1-2 pieces. when I have a craving for sweets, they don't eat to their heart's content, they just pass on your craving for sweets. of course I always have fructose in the house (it can be found at mega images, carrefour, angst, etc. and wholemeal flour from plafar. you can also make a cake but also with fructose, wholemeal flour and a lot of ground walnuts. but who has diabetes should know that eating these dietary sweets we must give up that day the bread, or the fruit, potatoes or rice.

in conclusion you can make any sweet at home but ONLY with FRUCTOSE instead of sugar which is poison for us

Hello, I am the "happy" wife of a newly diabetic. I'm waiting, honestly to find here some recipes for sweets, but I don't see anything. for Elena, our doctor advised us not to use fructose, because it is healthier than sugar, not being so refined, but just as sweet, it is practically the sugar in fruits that cannot be consumed in excess. Please, he recommended a very expensive sweetener (xylo-sweet - 100 RON / kg) but which I successfully replaced with stevia sweetener, I used to prepare a delicious quick blackberry. maximum health and a lot of imagination to prepare something sweet and healthy for our dear diabetics.

thanks for the advice I also bought stevia sweetener from plafar, I didn't know about it, I started to get used to the taste (I make coffee) I would like to know how you made the blackberry recipe, about how many drops are put to come out sweet. regarding fructose, my diabetes doctor told me to use it, but to eat those sweets in small quantities.

I'm sorry I haven't answered your question so far, but I haven't been on this forum for a long time. a tablespoon of marigold plant and a tablespoon of tataneasa plant. Boil for another 10 minutes, set aside and leave to infuse for 20 minutes. leave it untouched until it withers and then apply on the spot with the compressed wound soaked in wolf apple tincture for 20 minutes, the leg to be bandaged with a thin bandage to keep the compress attached to the wound. Grease the foot around the wound with ointment. of marigold and wolf apple and dress again. It is applied every day until the wounds heal.

Hi, I am 16 years old and I have had diabetes for 3 years! Type 2 insulin dependent Even after 3 years I can't accept the idea but in the end! Can you tell me some recipes like salads and light summer mancares please !! Thank you

Hi, a year ago we also discovered that my husband has type 1 diabetes and I tried to satisfy almost all his cravings. with the cologran sweetener (found at lidl) I also made pancakes, donuts, cakes and dak you buy chocolate for diabetics you make a cream only good for a cake. his birthday is coming in october and i want to make him a hard chocolate cake he will be happy again. you can make any cake just replace the sugar. success to all.

Hello. My mother has had diabetes for 7 years and I was told by the doctor that it is also caused by stress and fatigue, but especially after a shock. Too much upset or joy. This disease is not inherited. If one of the parents has diabetes, his children have a 50% risk of developing diabetes. And if both parents have diabetes, the predisposition to diabetes is 75%. I study medicine, so there is no erroneous information. I wish you a good day.

I do not "post" a recipe because you can find them on many sites. I would just like to say that in almost any recipe, prepared cold or hot, you can use a natural sweetener that is very good for people with diabetes because it has a low glycemic index (namely 7) and would have 40% more calories. less than sugar / honey etc. There are only two exceptions when it cannot be used, namely: in recipes in which it would replace burnt sugar / caramel - because it does not caramelize and in recipes that must "grow" (leaven) - because it has antibacterial properties and can not be form those bacteria that lead to the growth of the dough. This sweetener is called Xylitol (XyloSweet) and you can find details about it (presentation, characteristics, price) on the net or in health food stores. I can say that it is very good in taste and does not change the flavor of the food to which it is added at all

if you are kind enough to post the recipe with blackberry. Thanks a lot in advance.

CRITERIA FOR CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, FUNCTIONAL DIAGNOSIS AND WORK CAPACITY IN TYPE 2 DIABETES Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic dysfunction with multiple etiology characterized by chronic or acidic hyperglycemia, with changes in blood glucose and metabolism. Diabetes is associated with the onset of organic damage caused by chronic complications of diabetes. Chronic complications of diabetes that cause functional impairment are: - diabetic nephropathy - diabetic retinopathy - diabetic polyneuropathy - trophic lesions of the foot - macroangiopathy, coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, cerebral vascular disease - Charcot osteoarthropathy. The elements of functional diagnosis are: - metabolic balance - the presence (severity) of complications. Criteria for clinical diagnosis, functional diagnosis and work capacity in type 2 diabetes. Clinical form Functional impairment Adaptive disability Work capacity degree of disability Type 2 diabetes mellitus, balanced, uncomplicated No functional impairment 0-19% Preserved Does not fit Type 2 diabetes mellitus, balanced, with mild chronic complications: - background retinopathy - predominantly sensitive neuropathy ± motor deficits - mild ischemic coronary heart disease (according to criteria) - peripheral atherosclerotic arterial disease stage I Fontaine - mild sequelae of cerebral vascular disease (according to criteria) Mild functional impairment (when at most two complications are present) 20- 49% Preserved Not included Medium functional impairment (when at least three complications are present 50-69% Lost at least half grade III Type 2 diabetes mellitus, balanced, associated with at least one of the chronic complications of moderate severity: - preproliferative retinopathy - motor neuropathy with predominantly distal motor deficit, with sensitivity disorders - atherosclerotic coronary heart disease (which causes moderate functional deficiency, according to the criteria) Average functional deficiency 50-69% Lost at least half grade IIIMedical expertise 50 - diabetic cardiomyopathy, ultrasound diagnosed, with moderate systolic dysfunction - peripheral arterial disease II Fontaine (according to the criteria) - sequelae of cerebral vascular disease that causes average functional deficiency, according to the criteria) - incipient diabetic nephropathy, with persistent microalbuminuria (30-300 mg / 24 hours) - diabetic foot, without collapse of the plantar arch, without ulceration Type 2 diabetes mellitus, balanced, associated with at least one of the severe chronic complications: - proliferative retinopathy - peripheral motor neuropathy (paraparesis, tetraparesis, with sensitivity disorders) - atherosclerotic coronary heart disease (which causes severe functional deficiency, according to criteria) - cardiomas diabetic opathy with severe systolic dysfunction - autonomic cardiac dysfunction manifested by: fixed tachycardia, silent myocardial ischemia, arrhythmias, orthostatic hypotension - atherosclerotic peripheral arterial disease stage III Fontaine (according to criteria) - clinical white diabetic nephropathy over 300 mg / 24 hours), Daniela glomerular filtration rate (GFR) on 3 Aug 2013, 17:55

a wide range of sweeteners and sugar-free products for diabetics can be found on

I have a diabetic friend and I wanted to buy him a diabetic cake. try and you will find everything only one confectionery and that behind the block. the specialists who make the sites think they have a problem with the perception of reality !! it's so complicated that you can't find pastry machine manufacturers on the diabetic confectionery website. I wish you success! r.

sunt bolnava de diabet zaharat de 3 ani, am 13 ani , si eu am facut diabetul pe baza stresului ( nu stiu asa s-a spus0 si nu am pe nimeni in familie de la care sa mostenesc sunt singura cu diabet, i am vazut comentariile de mai sus care spuneau ceva:"nu stiu de ce a facut diabetul pentru ca nu avem pe nimeni ain familie de la care sa mosteneaca" nu trebuie sa ai neaparat pe cineva in familie de la care sa il mostenesti , se pare ca tu esti singurul!! asta mi s-a intamplat si mie la inceput m-am speriat dar dupa am inteles ca este o boala , nu este o boala forte grea. daca tii regimul alimentar nu se va intampla nimic! esti o persoana normala, doar ca tu trebuie sa faci niste injectii atata tot. Nu va speriati puteti trai cu diabetul!! sunt atatea mancaruti pentru diabetici sunt chiar si dulciuri pentru noi cei cu diabet . suntem perfecti normali. eu inainte spuneam " cu ce am gresit de mi l-a dat mie dumnezeu??" nu am gresit cu nimic asa a fost sa fie . Eu va recomand sa va tineti regimil pentru ca mai tarziu sa nu aveti probleme!!

In urna cu doua ore am aflat ca fiul meu de 30 de ani, care acum este plecat de doi anila studii in America, a fost diagnosticat cu diabet de tip 1 M-am sperit ingrozotor si gandul ca e atat de departe de mine si nu pot sa-l ajut , fiid atat de departe ma face sa ma simt neputinciosa As vrea sa vorbesc cu o persoana care sufera de aceasta boala poate imi da niste sfaturi, ca sa il pot ajuta pe fiul meu. Thank you! Mare

unde drac u e reteta de gogosari pentru diabetici ca eu nu am gasit nimic..

Tort de nucă de cocoșă: reteta pentru iubitorii de cacao

Rețetă delicată și simplă pe care o prezentăm mai jos, tort de nuc într-o ciocolată, un tort ideal pentru a gusta în aceste zile de toamnă și, de asemenea, ideal pentru a face o gaură și să o includă în cartea noastră de rețete de panificație.

Putem adăuga, de asemenea, că toamna este sezonul par excellence al multor nuci dintre care sunt NUTS, acest fruct uscat sănătos și bogat pe care l-am oferit deseori informații despre beneficiile nutriționale pe care le aduce corpului nostru.

Deși, așa cum am spus mai devreme, sezonul de nuci este toamna, în prezent le putem găsi disponibile pentru consum pe piață și în orice moment al anului.

Prin urmare, putem spune că acest delicios și subtil tort, pentru că are o aromă foarte delicată, este foarte bine să îl pregătiți în orice moment al anului și să îl gustați ca un desert sau ca o gustare.

Închideți deja Crăciunul, este o idee bună să îl prezentați ca un desert roman și să îl gustați împreună cu familia cu o ciocolată caldă, o cafea, o perfuzie sau orice băutură care este preferată să o însoțească.

tort de nuci scăldat în ciocolată Are doar câteva ingrediente simple pe care le avem de obicei la domiciliu, vă recomandăm să alegeți o ciocolată bună pentru a face baie sau acoperită, deoarece va da o notă delicioasă.

Pentru a face tortul ar fi ideal pentru a folosi o matriță pe care o putem dezlipi cu ușurință de circa 20 sau 22 de centimetri, circulară, este sfatul nostru mic.

Tort portocale & fructe de pădure (fără zahăr)

Jan Crema de cacao cu unt pentru tort, prajituri, fursecuri. Reteta culinara Fursecuri de post fara zahar din categoria Delicii de post de la bloggeri. Acesta reteta de crema e reteta usoara,cremoasa si ideala pentru umplut torturi sau prajituri. Cum sa faci Desert prajitura cu foi si crema de ciocolata de post, fara zahar. Acest tort are blaturile pufoase cu bucati de ciocolata, o crema usoara si fistic crocant pentru textura.

Sunt sigura ca o sa-l refac si sper sa-l. Poti comanda online Prăjituri fără zahăr Cupcakes Torturi aniversare Torturi copii. Nov Tort de ciocolată fără zahăr cu duo mousse de ciocolată, afine și cremă de brânză – Chef Nicolaie Tomescu. Crema fina de mascarpone cu portocale, fara zahar, numai buna pentru orice dieta low carb, keto, dukan, Montignac sau pentru diabetici. Tort de mere cu crema de vanilie, fara zahar – Rocsy in bucatarie rocsyinbucatarie.

Astazi va las o reteta mai altfel in ceea ce priveste pozele. Daca pana acum am postat doar poze. Acest tort de ciocolata simplu, preparat cu doar 5 ingrediente, este incredibil de delicios: aromat, pufos si.

In weekend ne-am rasfatat cu un delicios Tort cu mango, nuca de cocos si fructul pasiunii, pregatit cu ocazia. Choux a la creme cu zmeura, reteta fara zahar. Aici vei găsi rețete gustoase de prăjituri, deserturi și torturi fără zahăr, dar și.

Fursecuri cu nuci pe lista de rețete de dulciuri pentru diabetici. Nov Crezi ca daca esti diabetic nu mai ai voie sa mananci nimic dulce, nicio prajitura, nicio felie de tort? Am promis de mult timp acest tort dietetic, fara zahar, special creat pentru cei care. Reteta culinara Tort pentru diabetici din categoria Torturi. De aceea, m-am hotarat ca de ziua lui sa-i fac o bucurie printr-un tort special, din care sa poata manca.

Desert tort cu nuci, crema de unt si cirese. Bucatareste cu Rodica Tort pentru diabetici – Torturi si prajituri cu ingrediente.

Ciocolată de casă fără zahăr, potrivită și pentru diabetici sau dietă

Vă prezint un desert foarte gustos și ușor de preparat, desert care se poate face și mai dietetic, sau cum se zice în zilele noastre, mai light, pentru a putea fi consumat și de către bolnavii de diabet tip 2 sau de către persoanele care țin dietă de slăbire, bineînțeles dacă este consumat în cantități moderate. Diferența față de rețeta normală, care conține zahăr, este că se folosesc îndulcitori non calorici, care nu cresc nici glicemia, ceea ce face ca acest desert să poată fi consumat de către diabetici. De asemenea, poate reprezenta un desert sănătos, conținând ingrediente sănătoase (cacao, lapte, unt, nuci sau alune).

– 380 g de lapte praf, (Atenție să nu conțină zahăr) – nu recomand lapte praf vrac

– o jumătate de pachet de unt (100 g) se poate și cu margarină , dar nu recomand margarina, este nocivă

– 3-4 sticluțe de esență de rom

– îndulcitori pulbere sau lichid, din ștevia/xilitol sau îndulcitorii sub formă de pastiluțe cu ciclamat de sodiu și zaharină, recomand primele variante, cei cu ciclamat si zaharină sunt foarte controversați, se spune ca sunt cancerigeni, sau că pot crește rezistența la insulină.

– 15-20 grame de miez de nucă sau alune de pădure

Notă: îndulcitorul poate fi asa cum am spus, lichid, pulbere sau sub formă de pastiluțe, și trebuie folosit după gust. Ca și reper, vă puteți ghida după indicațiile de pe îndulcitorul pe care îl veți folosi, pe care de obicei este indicată puterea de îndulcire, făcând echivalențe între: 1 linguriță/pastilă îndulcitor = x lingurițe de zahăr și faceți în așa fel să fie acoperite cele 400 gr de zahăr din rețeta normală.

Careful! NU recomand sub nicio formă fructoza, care este adevărat că nu afectează în mod direct glicemia, dar pe lângă faptul că este la fel de calorică precum zahărul, deci îngrașă, este nocivă prin faptul că se metabolizează la nivelul ficatului, având asupra acestuia efecte similare cu ale alcoolului, provocând ficat gras, și chiar îngrașă mai ușor decât zahărul. Deci singurul avantaj al fructozei este că nu crește glicemia.

– 2 pachete de cacao (100 grame) – recomand cacao de calitate, cu conținut cât mai mare de grăsime (acestea sunt grăsimi sănătoase)

– 200 ml de apă

2. Mod de preparare :

– Se prepară un sirop, similar cu cel pentru ciocolata de casă cu zahăr, doar că se vor folosi indulcitorii în loc de zahar. Astfel:

– Se pune apa la fiert, și câ nd începe sa clocotească se adaugă pachetul de unt si se amesteca pâ nă la omogenizare Apoi se ia apa de pe foc și după ce se răcește putin (sa nu mai fie clocotita) se adaugă îndulcitorii și se amestecă bine până se dizolvă complet.

– Apoi, după ce se dizolvă untul și se omogenizează îndulcitorii, peste siropul obținut, încă fierbinte, se adaugă treptate laptele praf, esența de rom și cacao tot acum se pot adăuga și nucile sau alunele, tăiate mărunt sau întregi. Se amestecă bine cu o lingură sau cu mixerul, pentru a se omogeniza toată compoziția, si pentru a nu rămâne cocoloașe de lapte praf.

– Până nu se răcește compoziția, se toarnă într-o tavă, în forme speciale sau în orice fel de vas/recipient doriți și se lasă la răcit câteva ore.

Se pot face și trufe de ciocolată (biluțe), așa cum se vede în poza de mai sus.

Fiind o rețetă fără zahăr, este posibil să nu se întărească destul de mult ciocolata, și pentru a nu se lipi pe mâini, atunci când prepar biluțele de ciocolată, le dau prin miez de nucă măcinat, sau prin nucă de cocos, sau alune de pădure sau arahide.

CAREFUL! Deși este un desert destul de sănătos, care conține grăsimi sănătoase din nuci/alune și cacao, desert care poate fi consumat și de către diabetici, trebuie să fie consumat cu moderație, pentru că nu este un desert total lipsit de carbohidrați (glucide) ci este doar cu un conținut mult mai redus de glucide față de rețeta normală în care se folosește zahăr, în plus conține și grăsimi de origine animală. De asemenea, atenție la diabeticii care au si probleme cu ficatul sau alte probleme asociate diabetului cum ar fi trigliceride sau colesterol mărit, pentru că acest desert este destul de bogat în grăsimi de origine animală (lapte praf și unt). De asemenea, atenție și pentru cei ce țin dietă de slăbire, desertul are totuși destul de multe calorii!

6 gânduri despre &bdquo Ciocolată de casă fără zahăr, potrivită și pentru diabetici sau dietă &rdquo

Aceasta reteta nu este dietetica! Gasisem acum cativa ani o reteta si am si facut ciocolata excelenta, dar nu mai stiu cantitatile. Am pus la bain marin unt de cacao, cacao bio si xilitol. Cand s-au topit, am adaugat merisoare, fulgi de cocos, alune natur. Am turnat in forma si am dat la racit. Am mancat 1 luna cate o bucatica!

Mulțumesc pentru comentariu, și vă rog, dacă mai găsiți rețeta, să o postați într-un alt comment! All the best!

Nu inteleg ce e atat de sanatos la un pachet de unt care contine 200g de grasimi saturate(cele mai nocive)

Nu a scris nimeni că este foarte sănătos, dar, la sărbători sau ocazii speciale, chiar și diabeticii vor să guste câte un desert, și față de multe alte deserturi care conțin făină albă, plus zahăr, ciocolata astfel preparată, poate să fie consumată și de către diabetici (evident, cu moderație) fiind o rețetă fără zahăr. Referitor la unt – un pachet are 100g, deci nu are de unde să fie 200 g de grăsimi saturate (și se poate folosi unt cu 40% sau 65% grăsime), și pe lângă asta un singur om nu trebuie să mânânce toată cantitatea de ciocolată singur, într-o zi. Fiecare își dozează singur cantitatea pe care o consumă, și dacă se limitează la cel mult 20-30g pe zi, nu este ceva nociv. Până la urmă și o cană de lapte degresat (2% grăsime) conține în jur de 3g de grăsimi saturate. În altă ordine de idei, articolul se încheie cu o atenționare, care spune așa:”ATENȚIE! Deși este un desert destul de sănătos, care conține grăsimi sănătoase din nuci/alune și cacao, desert care poate fi consumat și de către diabetici, trebuie să fie consumat cu moderație, pentru că nu este un desert total lipsit de carbohidrați (glucide) ci este doar cu un conținut mult mai redus de glucide față de rețeta normală în care se folosește zahăr. De asemenea, atenție la diabeticii care au si probleme cu ficatul sau alte probleme asociate diabetului cum ar fi trigliceride sau colesterol mărit, pentru că acest tort este destul de bogat în grăsimi (lapte praf si unt). De asemenea, atenție pentru cei ce țin dietă de slăbire, desertul are totuși destul de multe calorii!”.

Intr-adevar, ati folosit termenul “destul de”, nu “foarte”. Iar in legatura cu untul, nu ati specificat gramajul pachetului, caci din cate stie oricine un pachet obisnuit de unt are 200 sau chiar 250 de grame, iar daca ar fi fost procentul de 80% grasime, cel de 250 ar fi avut fix 200g grasimi. E important sa precizati astfel de detalii. Si referitor la sanatate in acest context, da, pentru diabetici(consumat cu moderatie) ar fi un desert destul de sanatos, dar pentru un om normal care doar are grija la dieta, restrictia o vad aceeasi ca in cazul unei ciocolate normale(tot cu mare moderatie). As fi curios sa vad o reteta totusi in care sa nu existe atat de multe grasimi, si sa poata fi consumata fara restrictii. Happy celebrations!

Mulțumesc pentru sfaturi și observații! Voi ține cont pe viitor de aceste sfaturi și voi încerca să găsesc/scriu și variante, să zicem “light”!